Great Place to Work
Positive Global Express combines the fast-paced atmosphere of a growing business with all the strength and support of a company that has been around for more than 24 years. In addition to competitive salaries, Positive Global Express offers the rare, intangible value associated with making a significant impact in a rapidly growing company. Positive Global Express is committed to developing leaders, eminently displayed by the high percentage of employees promoted within the company.

Work Culture
At Positive Global Express , the size of one's role does not determine the magnitude of one's impact. Positive Global Express fosters a team culture where everyone contributes equally. If you are looking for a challenging role with unlimited opportunities for growth, professional development and career advancement, look no further than Positive Global Express !

Workforce Diversity
Positive Global Express being a company with a pan-Indian presence, there is as much diversity in its workforce as can be visualized. Person of all regions, religions, varied ethnic hues, gender etc work together as one Team. This cosmopolitan mix of workforce is Positive Global Express 's big strength as it ensures equal opportunity for all without any bias of any type whatsoever.