Positive Global Express Return Solutions is a Trademark brand of Positive Global Express Ltd., providing clients the advanced facility of Reverse Logistics. Under this service, pick-up is done from various locations all over India and delivery done at a specified central location or multiple hubs as per the requirement of clients. Through continuous process improvements, we have designed best practices that reverse the cycle of losses and uncover hidden value for our customers. In the process, our customers have experienced:
A comprehensive return stream for improved process flow
Technology that is scalable and reduces costs
A fully integrated system that reduces cycle times
A consistent process for improved business controls
An adaptive transportation process that improves transportation effectiveness
There are several reasons that make reverse logistics inevitable. Here are some of the most common:
oSome goods are invariably returned to the seller. This is true in physical retail as well as in an ecommerce setup.

Damaged Goods
o Ordering a brand new iPad and receiving one that has a cracked body or a scratched screen is unacceptable. But it is bound to happen sometimes. Such damaged goods get returned by the customer or the logistics provider.

Malfunctioning Goods
o "I received the pottery wheel, but it refuses to spin" is the last thing a successful ecommerce business  wants to hear. But since 100% error-free performance is impossible, there will be occasions when goods will not work. This is not exclusive to ecommerce; it happens in physical retail too. But a customer who physically collects goods at a retail store finds it logical to travel back to the store to return the malfunctioning goods. In ecommerce, the customer would prefer a pickup from her location, or at worst an option to mail in the malfunctioning product.

Exchange Programs
o "Give us your old and obsolete gizmo and get the latest model" is a slogan that finds appeal with many. Several customers refuse to upgrade, as they are unwilling to trash a perfectly fine, albeit old, product. Exchange offers are compelling for the customer, but they create the additional process of collection of goods for the ecommerce business.

Having gone through the information provided above,  you would know that there is no better option to using reverse logistics through our systems driven service known as Positive Global Express Return Solutions. Reiterating the importance of this unique service we would like to say that  a strong reverse logistics setup can be a strategic advantage to the business, and help clients in customer retention as well as in aligning them within the legal environment of ever growing business. To get a quick glimpse of how Positive Global Express Return Solutions operates for our Process Chart